A Little Sommer Rays Will Keep You Warm This Winter!

Dec 28, 2016 at 12:21 pm |

She's barely 20, but she has the best backside ever

Sommer Ray is here to brighten your day! She’s a young lady that has blown up on social media for one reason only. Well, two. Her posterior is superior. Really, it’s better than anything you’ve seen before, and the best thing about it, other than its size and shape, is that it’s 100% real. She worked hard for that thing and it’s supreme.

sommer ray big butt

Source: Instagram @sommerray

So young, so fit, so sexy! Sommer Rays is going to be the top fitness model in the world with the best booty ever seen. Check her out now!

Sommer's backyard just rolls on for days. You won't believe these lady humps.