Adult Stars Reveal Their Most Insane Fan Experiences

Oct 21, 2016 at 1:48 pm |


Adult stars like Kimberly Kane, Amber Ivy, and Sheridan Love shared some of the crazy and seriously creepy things they’ve experienced with stalker fans. From weird guys on Twitter, to Instagram d*ck pics, these girls have seen it all.

We’ve heard crazy stories about celebrity stalkers, like the man who rammed his car into Kylie Jenner’s security gate. The creeps that porn stars deal with take it to an entirely differently level. Some people are just delusional psychopaths.

Wait until you read these disturbing fan experiences that these stars have dealt with.

Porn Star Trillium

Source: Youtube @Wood Rocket

Think you’ve heard it all? Wait until you read about the crazy lengths that these delusional fans have gone to.

He wanted you to watch him eat WHAT?!