Animals That Party Harder Than You

Feb 11, 2016 at 4:21 pm |

It's not just for humans

Sometimes, the real world gets too real and we all need to escape it for a bit. We use alcohol, weed, ‘shrooms, acid, etc, to open up our minds and get a fresh look on the world (or just change it for a bit). Apparently, the animal world gets stressful too…or boring. Either way, there are a bunch of animals like to “experiment” as much as we do… or just get messed up for the fun of it.

Credit: Imgur/Chococookie

Credit: Imgur/Chococookie

Whether if it’s that cigarette break, that glass of wine at dinner, or that injection of heroin, *most everyone loves drugs… even animals.

Check out these animals that love to get f*cked up