Babes For Trump — Women Share Their Sexy Support For Trump

Apr 4, 2016 at 6:12 pm |

Hey, to each their own

Despite Trump’s messed up views on women, there are some who still support him. A Twitter account has caused an online frenzy after posting pictures of half naked women in support of the presidential hopeful. @BabesForTrump, has taken social media by storm with posts of scantily clad women creatively donning clothing with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Photos range from bikini shots to topless girls holding signs to cover themselves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be interesting if I didn’t mention that the creators behind this account are four college men. I mean, are you surprised? There’s no doubt that they’ve been getting a lot of backlash for sharing the photos, but they’ve had no problems clapping back with a series of tweets:

Let’s just be clear with one thing. If we were sexist we wouldn’t be trying to help these women get their voices heard. We are posting content that is sent to us. Promoting the women how they chose to represent themselves. Which everyone has the right to do. Our message is working and you can hate it if you want. It’s gotten people talking. Opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one. If you attack the picture. You’re attacking the woman who sent it in who chose to take a risk and voice her political ideology. So who’s the real sexist or bully? The person posting the picture, or the one who is attacking a scantly clad woman on her political views?

And it’s no joke. These women are dead-ass serious. And the guys behind it all have been getting a ton of support. So far, the account has over 9,000 twitter followers. “Just recently a woman from California reached out thanking us for giving girls the chance to be heard and praised for their thoughts without being attacked,” they told the Huffington Post.

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Source: Twitter @BabesForTrump

Their making America “great” again one babe at time…

Their goal is to "create a unique platform for college students, primarily women, to express their political views." Are they expressing themselves? You be the judge...