Booty Rockin’ Everywhere! Iggy Azalea Is the Kardashians’s New Neighbor

Oct 12, 2016 at 1:14 pm |

Booty Overdose: Iggy Azalea Moves In Next to the Kardashians

There’s even more scrumptious booty on the block in Kardashian land. Iggy Azalea recently moved into the Kardashians’s gated community, The Oaks. She moved in after having relationship problems, and rented this fly pad to take some time to reflect and collect herself. She’s got a new boyfriend who’s no stranger to the neighborhood, and has a taste for fancy, business class, bubble booty. Here’s a hint: He ain’t worried bout nothin’, but don’t panic, he’s gonna get Iggy to pop that, and probably not take her shopping. There’s so much booty, if Beyoncé and Nikki moved in the neighborhood, the gravitational pull from all the delectable dionk would be too much for the physical world, creating an epic booty black hole. So many cheeks even Jesus wouldn’t know which one to turn first. So much bike Lance Armstrong would show up trying to race. It’s a beautiful thing.


Credit: Instagram @thenewclassic

Renting a lush pad for 15k a month, the “Fancy” hit maker is taking some mental health time before drops her album and she buys a new place.

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