Celebrities That Went Uncircumcised

Jan 18, 2017 at 11:31 am |

They haven't gone under the knife

Now more than ever, the debate is heating up about whether it’s necessary or ethical to circumcise infant boys. Technically, there is no reason to get your foreskin cut off. It does help with cleanliness somewhat, but you can simply pull back your skin and wash more thoroughly to prevent infections and bacterial buildup. The parents of these now-famous Hollywood men decided not get make their little boys go through this unpleasant, rather archaic, procedure. Hey, they say it makes intimacy more pleasurable too.

Leonardo DiCaprio Golden Globes 2014

Credit: Paul Drinkwater/Getty Image

Hollywood is a place full of trendsetting and trend following, but these men bucked the tradition of getting cut, and they remain fully intact down there.

Do you think it's right to make a child be circumcised?