23 Quickly Deleted Celebrity Tweets

Sep 15, 2015 at 11:56 am |

Oh no they didn't!

Celebrities live glamorous lives that often times they like to remain private. Social media has changed all of that. We are watching these famous celebs every move now that they are posting to their social outlets daily.

While it might be great promotion, celebrities are not professional marketers and sometimes post inappropriately. In the moment an offensive comment can seem hilarious but reading it later they cringe and have second thoughts. We are pretty sure celebrity managers/agents are also not happy about this new freedom for their clients to express themselves.

We know celebrities are human too so we will cut them slack but that doesn’t mean we don’t love deleted tweets any less.

Justin Bieber Tweet

Source: Twitter @justinbieber

Celebrities are people too, but seriously what was Lindsay Lohan thinking when she wrote #14?!

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