Celebrity Scandals You Totally Forgot Happened

Oct 9, 2015 at 4:42 pm |

Time Heals Everything… Almost

The saying goes that there’s nothing that can’t be healed over time, but it’s still pretty amazing some of the scandalous things celebrities get away with that we completely forget about! We watch our favorite stars kill it on the big screen, totally oblivious of that one time they did that one thing that was actually pretty messed up. I’d like to think that celebrities aren’t above the law, but after seeing what Nicole Richie did to get her 82 minute jail sentence, it’s clear that the rich and famous have a bit of a cushy lading when it comes to run ins with the law.

Hugh Grant Mugshot

Credit: Online USA/Getty Images


They say time heals every wound, but MAN, I can’t believe we forgot about some of these!

Take a trip down a scandalous memory lane by viewing the gallery below!