Celebrities With LGBTQ Children

Aug 25, 2015 at 5:48 pm |

Modern families are here to stay.

With Caitlyn Jenner’s transition the spectrum of sexual orientation has made its way into daily headlines.

Recently there has been an outpour of celebrities speaking out to support rights for the LGBT community. TV shows like Modern Family prove the husband, wife and children dynamic isn’t the only kind of household in America.  For some celebrities the issue hits closer to home with their own children coming out to the media.

It’s never easy to be in the public eye, especially when your parents are famous and the looking glass is magnified. It’s always uplifting to see the unconditional love and support these families have to offer each other. Family comes first and love always wins in the end.

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Sally Field and Son

(Photo by Larry Busacca/ Getty)

The support from #7’s parents makes us wish our mom was that understanding!

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