Chelsea Slams Adam’s Parenting Skills Again!

Jan 4, 2017 at 12:23 pm |

Are you surprised though?

How pumped are you guys that Teen Mom 2 is back for another season! We have to admit, the whole Farrah/Amber drama was getting a little much, and we definitely missed Leah, Jenelle, Kailyn, but most of all, darling Chelsea. The first episode just aired this week and boy did a lot happen. We saw Leah have a meltdown, Kail and Javi have their usual drama, Jenelle somehow received a non-guilty verdict in her assault case and Adam disappointed us yet again.

While the show aired, Chelsea was sure not to be dragged down in Adam’s bad image but made a couple of good points!

teen mom chelsea houska

Credit: MTV

Step it up, Adam!

See what she had to say!