Cleavage! From Russia, With Love

Nov 2, 2016 at 1:15 pm |

Good 'ol boobies!

Everyone is obsessed with gigantic butts. Even though Kim Kardashian has the most envious booty in the world, people never seem to talk about her amazing rack. Real or fake, we still appreciate a good pair. Especially when they are smooshed together and have that crack in the middle. Bubble butts, contouring, and DSLs may go out of style, but cleavage will always be welcomed. Combine those racks with beautiful Russian faces and you won’t even care what their bums look like.

sexy russian girl with blue eyes selfie

Source: Instagram @monicass31

Russian women are known for beautiful faces, but let’s take a peep at their racks.

Say "da" to these Russian chesticles!