Clinton Foundation Discloses $40 Million In Donations

Mar 4, 2016 at 11:11 am |

Can Hillary Still Stay Afloat After New Information About Wall Street Donations?

While Hillary Clinton’s resume certainly makes her one of the most qualified individuals for the US presidency, the cloud of mystery surrounding her past fumbles with emails, behind-closed-doors relationships with international groups, and suspiciously close ties with Wall Street grow ever more fishy.

The most recent episode in the seemingly endless chain of surprising (or not so surprising) blows against the Democratic frontrunner came earlier this week when the Clinton Foundation disclosed an estimated $40 million in donations from the very same Wall Street institutions Clinton claims to denounce.

hillary clinton


The announcement has left many puzzled, as the Clinton Foundation is a non-profit, so they aren’t legally obligated to disclose the source or amount of their financial contributions.

So just how much did Clinton get from the big banks? Why announce these donations when she didn’t have to? why now? And what does this all mean for her shot at the oval office?

Is this a fatal blow to Hillary’s run for the presidency?

The answers to all that, and more, after the jump!