Corey Simms Opens Up About How He Really Feels About Leah Messer

Apr 28, 2016 at 5:04 pm |

Well, this is surprising...

Over the past season of Teen Mom 2, we see how hard a time Leah Messer and ex, Corey Simms, are having trying to co-parent their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah Grace. Well, it looks like things are about to get even harder as Leah tries to get a the court to revisit the custody judgement.

In a deleted scene of a recent episode, Corey admits that he’s not happy with what Leah’s trying to do. I mean, Leah has had her fair share of mistakes, but she’s been trying to stay on the right path. And after all, she is their mother. And that’s a no-brainer that she misses her girls. But no matter what good Leah does, it doesn’t look like these two will ever be OK.

Corey Simms and Leah Messer

Source: YouTube/MTV

He really let loose!

Corey didn't hold back on his true feelings about Leah. Let's just say she won't be getting the mother of the year award. Hear what he had to say...