Countries Where You’re Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

Dec 21, 2016 at 5:45 pm |

Bon voyage!

What is your dream vacation?

Maybe you’d love to explore the jungles of Southeast Asia, or maybe you’d rather stick to the resorts. Perhaps your eyes are set on South America. Or maybe you’d prefer a traditional vacation to Europe or the American West.

While many of us dream of travel and endless vacations, we tend to forget about just how dangerous life can be for tourists. In fact, surviving the plane ride might be the easiest part.

Though you might feel safe in your own town or country, many places in the world today still aren’t as safe as we’d like to think they are, and hundreds of thousands of children and adults are kidnapped each year. What’s more frightening is that we’ll never know how many people go missing in cases that aren’t even reported.

When planning your next vacation, keep in mind the following countries where you’re most likely to get kidnapped. Safe travels!

human trafficking kidnap hands tied

Credit: chameleonseye/Shutterstock

A vacation here could be your last!

Dare you go to these dangerous destinations?