Instagram Couple Freaks out After They’re Followed Around the World by a Girl Copying Their Pics

Nov 16, 2016 at 3:12 pm |

Copycat Stalker

I think it’s everyone’s dream to be a travel account on Instagram. You literally get paid to travel to the most beautiful, exotic locations and take gorgeous pictures. Or at least I assume, but obviously I wouldn’t know the logistics. One girl had this exact dream and was willing to go to extreme lengths to get some likes. Did she just want attention? Who knows. Regardless, she has our attention now. Instagrammer @diana_alexa had her account deleted recently for following the famous account @gypsea_lust around the world, recreating her photos.

instagram stalker giant stone stairs

Source: Instagram @gypsea_lust / diana_alexa

The lengths some people go to for likes.

This is just creepy