Deadly Escalators Are Not for the Faint of Heart

Mar 21, 2017 at 12:10 pm |

Maybe just take the stairs.

When I was young, I was deathly afraid of escalators (and bathtub drains). I though it would eat me up. I’d never be seen again, squished to a pulp while just trying to look at the spoils of Toys”R”Us.

Malls, train stations, and airports are where you will mostly find escalators. They are there to make changing floors easier and lazier. Ever stand by an elderly person while they take their time to get on? Sure, we roll our eyes impatiently, but sometimes poorly built ones can not only be harmful, but deadly.

girl calling for mom up escalator

Source: YouTube @ABS-CBN Entertainment

Paranoid yet?

Warning! Lives at stake!