Disney Princesses Having a Bloody Good Halloween

Oct 28, 2015 at 6:28 pm |

These Disney Princesses Rock Some Killer Halloween Costumes.

Each year, as October 31 rolls around, there is always one thing you can guarantee you’ll see on Halloween. No, I’m not talking about Batman, Three Blind Mice, or something racist, I’m talking about Disney Princesses. You know you’ve seen them.

Ever since Snow White first showed us her pretty face and got her happily ever after back in 1937, the whole world has been obsessed with the elite and illustrious group of young ladies known as the Disney Princesses.

Since then, they’ve grown in number to (officially) reach eleven women spanning continents, time, and space, all to teach us morals about freedom, friendship, and love. Turns out they’ve also taught us a thing or two about Halloween costumes, and you’re bound to see myriad versions of them, ranging from the tiniest toddlers, to college girls wearing sexy versions, all the way to a few dedicated moms or humorous crossdressers. Looks like Disney Princesses come in all shapes and sizes.

But while everyone else decided to dress as them this Halloween, the Princesses decided to turn the tables and go all out in their spookiest costumes, all thanks to artist Travis Falligant and Break.com. Start the slideshow below to see these amazing mashups, and SHARE if you love what you see!

disney princess halloween costume pocahontas

Source: Instagram @ibtrav


Everyone else went as a Disney princess for Halloween, so they stepped up their game.

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