DJ Khaled Just Snapchatted His Wife Giving Birth Complete With a Soundtrack of Course

Oct 24, 2016 at 4:35 pm |

It's a boy!!

If the world were to anoint a King of Snapchat, there is no doubt in our minds it would be DJ Khaled. The music producer is known for his hilarious and over-the-top videos he posts like tipping his housekeeper in stacks of hundred dollar bills, moisturizing his face, riding a jet ski, being lost at sea, and anything else he can dream up. We weren’t that surprised then when we saw what he Snapchatted this weekend.

He and his fiancée, Nicole, are expecting their first son together, and this weekend, Nicole went into labor! While Khaled was definitely there for moral support, he made the birth a little more public than we would have expected by Snapchatting the entire thing… ok, scratch that, we definitely expected this and it’s as ridiculous as you would predict.

dj khaled in birthing room

Source: Instagram @djkhaled


Some of the shots are definitely TMI