Does Anna Duggar Have a Black-eye And Busted Lip In This Photo?

Sep 19, 2016 at 4:14 pm |

Counting Bruises?

It always seems like the Duggar ship is one controversy away from sinking, yet the controversies keep rolling in and the family is going as strong as ever.

This weekend, the Duggars shot back into the spotlight after a photo surfaced that features Jill, Jinger, and Anna getting some back-to-school shopping done at a local thrift store. The scandal? Fans are speculating that Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, appears to have a black eye and a busted lip in the photo.

Anna and Josh’s relationship has certainly come under huge strain in the last year, since all of Josh’s sex scandals came to light, including a pornography addiction, the molestation of five younger girls (including his sisters), and cheating on his wife with an Ashley Madison account. The Duggars are famous for keeping family secrets under wraps, so could it be that there’s something more going on in Josh and Anna’s relationship right now than they’re letting on?

Josh and Anna Duggar

Source: Instagram @joshduggar

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