Rob Kardashian’s Daughter, Dream, Is Already a Snapchat Pro

Nov 14, 2016 at 3:19 pm |

It was all a Dream!

You can’t deny that as much as you might hate (or claim to hate) the Kardashians, any news that didn’t surround the election or politics came as a relief this weekend. Rob and Blac Chyna’s baby news distracted us for just long enough to remember that with babies as cute as Dream, things just might be okay.

As Rob, Chyna, and the whole family are enjoying their first moments with the newborn, the world is lapping up any and every new photo of Dream that they release. Of course, coming from a family that rules the social media world, Dream already has a better Snapchat and Instagram following than you do.

rob Kardashian with his daughter Dream

Source: Instagram @krisjenner

We aren’t surprised, but we are jealous!

Gah, is she cute or what?