Duggar Family Share Photo of Josh’s Child Michael, 4, Traveling In A Car Without Proper Restraints

Apr 20, 2016 at 5:47 pm |

They caused another uproar...

If you’re a celebrity or something like one, everything you post on social media is watched under scrutiny. Some celebrities don’t care what they post, while some aren’t aware that their posts are a big deal.

I’m assuming that’s what happened in the case of the Duggars. A family member posted a picture of Josh Duggar’s son asleep in the back of a moving car without proper restraints. Not only is the person responsible putting the child in danger, but according to Arkansas official, they are breaking the law.

Duggar Family14

Source: Imgur/wxldfxre

They get slammed with backlash!

Many fans attacked the family after seeing THIS photo...