14 Most Famous Dogs of the Internet

Aug 14, 2015 at 11:16 am |

These famous dogs are taking over your Instagram feed.

If there is anything better than internet cats it’s Instagram dogs!

These famous internet dogs are taking over our Insta feed and we are loving it.  You wouldn’t believe how much these dogs are paid for an appearance.  Don’t feel bad that these dogs are making more money than you, they are super cute and we need them to light up our social networks.

You are probably already following one or more of these adorable pups.  Through the medium of Instagram, these dogs owners have captivated our hearts and got us coming back for our daily fix of their furry pals.

Furfluencers as we affectionately call them, see which internet dogs are making bank!

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(Photo by Instagram / @marniethedog)

(Photo by Instagram / @marniethedog)


They make more money than you too. I can’t believe how many followers #11 has.

Find out which famous dogs are making bank!