Fans Annoyed By Kailyn’s “Attention Seeking” Tweets

Dec 23, 2016 at 11:16 am |

I get it, but... This is what you signed up for?

Just because Kailyn Lowry is a TV personality, doesn’t mean that 2016 has been any easier on her than the rest of us. Kailyn spent the better part of the year getting divorced from her husband, so it’s safe to say it hasn’t been a cakewalk for her. With her divorce from Javi finalized, it seems that Kail is settling back into single life and… Well, from the looks of her Twitter, she’s not handling it too well.

Kailyn with Tweet Overlay

Credit: MTV; Twitter @KailLowry

Is she losing it?

Haven't seen her tweets? We've got them!