Fans Are Concerned About Johannah Duggar’s Safety and Health… And We Are Too!

Jan 3, 2017 at 3:13 pm |

What could have made those mystery marks?

19 kids is a lot to take care of; can two adults properly see to the health and well-being of that many little ones? Fans are coming out to say that the 11-year-old Duggar daughter has been suffering from some kind of injury for far too long. Michelle and Jim Bob haven’t spoken on her unknown injury yet, but it might be the right time before someone calls the authorities.

johannah duggar

Source: Facebook @duggarfamilyofficial

Kids are always getting cuts and bruises, but they don’t usually last for months on end. Should fans and critics of the Duggars be concerned for Johanna’s sores?

Little Johanna has had those sores for a long time now.