What the… Farrah Abraham Uses Sophia to Promote Flat Tummy Tea?!

Nov 1, 2016 at 4:14 pm |

Aw, Farrah. You done goofed. Again.

Infamous Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is never out of the headlines, and it seems she wants it that way. Not that we’re complaining: It’s great peeking into her life of constant excitement, good or bad. Or REALLY bad.

People are often criticizing the parenting skills of the Teen Mom moms, and today, November 1st, is just another example of a Farrah Instagram post gone viral. So is Farrah now pimping out her daughter to promote her wares?

Farrah and Sophia Abraham eating FroCo yogurt

Source: Instagram @frocofreshfrozencoba

Aw, Farrah. You done goofed. Again.

Let kids be kids!