New Footage Shows Farrah Getting Blasted by Employee

Oct 20, 2016 at 1:19 pm |

We saw this coming

Our most controversial Teen Mom star had high hopes for her little frozen yogurt store deep in the heart of hot-as-hell Texas. But the 25-year-old woman has no concept of real life considering she came from a well-off family that spoiled her, she was reckless and got pregnant young, but then became rich and famous for it. She’s never worked a regular job (making adult films is not like flipping burgers), so she doesn’t know employer/employee relations at all. It’s not a shock that she mistreated her employees, put the blame on them, then did this to one hard worker.

farrah abraham in silly glasses

Source: MTV

In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Farrah shows that she doesn’t really know how to run a business and berates her employee.

Does Farrah treat anyone fairly? I don't think so