Forgotten Celebs of the ’80s

Dec 9, 2015 at 11:06 am |

You won't believe what they're doing now!

Ahh, the ’80s! The decade that brought us a multitude of stars that are still prominent fixtures in entertainment to this day (oh hey, Drew Barrymore and Matthew Mcconaughey!) But what ever happened to those former icons who didn’t have the same prolonged success?

As it goes in Hollywood, not everyone’s star is meant to shine forever – and these celebs of the past know exactly what it feels like to see their spotlight fade. Sit back, turn on your Lite-Brite and play catch up with these once-famous faces you used to know and love…and probably had plastered all over your bedroom walls!

Credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images

Credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images

#9 looks exactly the same…or so we’d like to believe!

Your nostalgia fix begins now!