Her Teats Are On Fleek

May 9, 2017 at 5:15 pm |

Look hard and long at these fantastic chests

We just can’t get enough of those things that separate the men from the women. You know, the things located north of her border. And the best way to get a look at them without getting in trouble while on your cell phone in public is to stare at them while the lady is still wearing a shirt, but one that’s extremely tight and thin. And it’s bonus points if she’s got two little points making themselves known right through the shirt.

blonde girl with sideboob

Source: Instagram @sideboobs4ever

What does “on fleek” mean, you ask? It means that these chicks are braless and they want to show off their hard… assets to the entire world.

You won't get in trouble for gawking at these babes with beams