Home-For-The-Holidays Survival Guide

Dec 10, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Family: Can't Live With Em, Can't Live Without Em

It’s December. How did this happen so fast? It seems like just last week you were partying with your friends for Halloween and suddenly there’s not much time left before the dreaded trek back to your parents’ house for the holidays. Age-old sibling rivalries come crawling out of the woodwork, cousins you don’t even like are telling you about the last ten years of their lives, gift prices are high, and morale is low. The holidays are not an easy time by any means, but with our help, they can still be a lot of fun! This gallery contains everything you need to have a smooth, successful run on the holiday battlefield this year!

Home Alone Meme

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Family can be tough, but the holidays don’t have to be thanks to this comprehensive survival guide!

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