How Student-Teacher Relationships Went From Professional to Illegal

Dec 22, 2016 at 12:49 pm |

Have you ever been hot for your teacher?

You’ve thought about it once or twice when you’ve got a hot teacher right in front of you every day. How do I get in her pants? What if she just took me on my desk right now? Well, it does happen. Illicit relations between teachers and students are more common than you would think. And these teachers and former students are so ready to spill the beans about how they finally got that hot, forbidden hook up.

sexy teacher holding marker in front of whiteboard

Credit: Kopytin Georgy/Shutterstock

We hear about teachers and students having illicit affairs all the time, but exactly how do things go from normal to porno? These people dish on their affairs!

Whether it's true love or lust, it's certainly not legal.