If You Think China’s Air Is Bad, You Should See Their Water

Mar 30, 2016 at 6:07 pm |

Pollution: It's all around us.

Most everyone knows about the unhealthy smog that seems to coat most of the large cities in China. With such a large population, air pollution doesn’t seem that surprising. Water pollution, however, isn’t covered by the media as often but is as detrimental, if not more, than the air pollution. “Cancer villages” (areas where cancer rates are higher) have been linked to rivers where water pollution is most heavy. Sea life near cities has dropped to nearly nothing. Sixty percent of China’s water is rendered “unsafe for human contact.”

The biggest problem isn’t the population of China, but the absolute lack of motivation from authorities to try and clean it up. However, in the last two years, social outrage has sparked initiatives to start controlling the situations.


Credit: Imgur/ergine

The chilling price of economic growth.

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