Janet Jackson Shows off Baby Bump

Oct 12, 2016 at 2:10 pm |

Can you believe she's having a baby at her age?!

Janet Jackson has lived a very accomplished life already. But there’s something that she hasn’t done yet that she’s ready to experience: having a child. Despite being married a few times before, she’s never gotten pregnant. Janet always felt that her career was her baby, and that it needed all of her attention. But now that she’s married to a hot, younger man and that her career has been amazing for thirty years, it’s time to give motherhood a try. And she revealed her big baby bump to the world in the most adorable way possible.

janet jackson and husband

Credit: Vincenzo Lombardo/Stringer/Getty Images

Songstress Janet Jackson has revealed that she’s ready to give birth to a happy, healthy baby. But it’s her age that’s the real surprise.

Janet's miracle child will soon be here to rock the world