Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Respond to Divorce Rumors

Nov 14, 2016 at 12:35 pm |

Things may not be so happy between them

It’s been speculated for years that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were on the verge of divorce, even though they see it as a huge sin against God. When it was revealed that their family was mired in a disgusting sexual scandal and that they tried to cover it up for a long time, the Duggar parents may not have agreed on how to handle things which could have torn them apart. But they’re here now to tell us exactly what’s going on inside their marriage.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at a ranch

Source: Facebook @Duggar Family Official

It’s been said that the married couple with 19 kids were getting ready to split when they couldn’t figure out what to do about a bad situation.

Are the Duggars really ready to split after over 30 years?