Kailyn Lowry Jumps Onboard the Lip Injection Train

May 4, 2016 at 1:49 pm |

Apparently this is a thing now?

You may be thinking: Lip injections? WTF are those?
Well, according to WebMD, receiving lip injections (i.e. “lip augmentation”) means that you are getting your lips injected with hyaluronic acid to make them appear fuller for approximately the next six months. Think: Kylie Jenner.

We all know Kail’s Teen Mom co-stars, Farrah, Chelsea, and Jenelle have gotten lip injections, so are we really so shocked that Kail would follow suit?

kailyn lowry selfie

Source: Instagram @kaillowry

Now Kailyn Lowry is getting lip injections?! The trend continues.

See her new look.