Kate Upton Doing Squats Turns Into Something Amazing

Feb 25, 2016 at 12:26 pm |

Photoshoppers took it away

It’s hard being a celebrity. Living your everyday life in front of the world, not being able to breath without the paparazzi snapping your every move. They’re always getting too close, capturing them in intimate situations.

That’s what happened to model Kate Upton. She was having an innocent workout with her trainer when someone snapped a photo of her in mid squat. The snapper uploaded it online and the internet took over.

Kate Upton Squats featured

Source: thechive

Yeah, the internet photoshopped the hell out of it…

Of course the internet has to taken something so simple and turn it into the funniest (and sometimes weirdest) memes. Take a look at what they came up with...