Kim Kardashian Resurfaces and Is Unrecognizable Without Makeup

Oct 26, 2016 at 4:49 pm |

Hermit-Mode Kim

Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. Before she was the pop culture phenomenon that we know her as today, she was just the girl hanging out with Paris Hilton, helping to clean and organize her closet. We all know how she got her start, *cough* Ray J *cough*, but what has made her into the huge success that she is today is, undeniably, her beauty.

Kim came out of hibernation after her terrifying Paris robbery to get froyo with her BFF Jonathan. We got a glimpse of Kim coming out of her cave and wearing no makeup.

Kim Kardashian

Credit: David Becker/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian stepped out into society for the first time since the robbery.

Omg that's what Kim Kardashian really looks like?!