This ‘Love & Hip-Hop ATL’ Star Is Being Sued by His Secret Baby’s Mama

Jan 24, 2017 at 1:32 pm |

He's in the Dog House

What is it with dudes who can’t keep it in their pants? It seems like every week, we hear about another cheating scandal from someone in the celebrity world. Now this just might be some crazy insane logical thinking, but if you were a celebrity, wouldn’t you do your best not to cheat? Isn’t the threat of a publicity storm and ruining your good name enough to stay out of another girl’s inbox? Or are you really that focused on doing the dirty that none of these things enter your mind? Looks like this is the case with Love and Hip Hop star Kirk Frost.

Kirk Frost selfie

Source: Instagram @frost117

Learn to keep it in your pants dude…

He's found himself in deep water!