Kris Jenner’s Lies EXPOSED! Family Secret Is OUT After Kim Reveals…

Mar 7, 2016 at 2:33 pm |

Who's the baby daddy?

If you love the Kardashians or love to hate them, it’s probably no news to you that many believe that Robert Kardashian isn’t Khloe’s real father. Although she shares the infamous Kardashian name, many fans point out that she doesn’t resemble her sisters, being bigger, taller and having different facial features. So who could be her biological father? Let’s play Maury and get the dirt on who (maybe) is the father.

khloe kardashian dads maybe perhaps

Source: Pool/Getty Images (l); Terry Wyatt/Getty Images (c); Vince Bucci/Getty Images (r)

Who’s the baby daddy?

Khloe, we love you no matter what!