Where Are They Now: ‘Laguna Beach’

Oct 14, 2016 at 4:33 pm |

We miss seeing LC, Talan, Alex M and the whole crew on our TVs.

This was the show that started it all. Laguna Beach followed a group of dramatic pretty rich kids as they navigated their last years of high school in an affluent California community. It only took two years for some of the stars of the show to endear themselves to us, and we followed them after graduation into the real world of The Hills. Some became fashion moguls, some became best-selling authors, and others faded away into obscurity. Where are those pretty kids with problems now?

laguna beach promo photo

Source: MTV

We loved watching these pretty rich kids go through so much drama back in the day, but what are LC and the crew up to these days?

They had so much drama then, but where are they now?