Lawmakers Legalize Raw Milk… Immediately Get Sick Drinking Raw Milk

Mar 10, 2016 at 5:18 pm |

Milk. Does a body good?

Raw milk is just what it sounds like: it’s unpasteurized milk, a process that kills bacteria. Sounds silly, right? Well believe it or not, raw milk is legal in many countries like France and almost all of Asia.

Many American are turning to raw milk for a variety of reasons, but it’s illegal in many places in the US. At the federal level, it’s illegal to participate in the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk. Many states have adapted their own position on raw milk sales.

Lawmakers in West Virginia just got a taste of irony in their hubris to recently legalize raw milk.

milks in dairy cases supermarket

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Milk. Is it does a body good?

This may make you rethink unpasteurized dairy products...