Florida Freak: Naked Man Drives Around Neighborhood Wearing Electrical Wires Attached to His Peen

Nov 9, 2016 at 4:31 pm |

Why you gotta be so weird?

Florida is a state that quite possibly produces the most amount of freaks and crazies in the whole nation. It has the most amount of pedophiles per capita than anywhere else in the country, you can be a young redneck female, kill your baby and get away with it (Casey Anthony), and we can’t tell you how many stories we’ve come across of people accidentally shooting themselves because they were high on drugs or just playing around with their gun. Why then, do they have the power to turn the outcome of an election is beyond me… but I digress.

In the latest freaky Florida news, a man was arrested driving around naked with electrical wires attached to his man thing.

man in handcuffs

Credit: Fisun Ivan/Shutterstock

This crime is nothing but *shocking* (see what we did there?).

Yeah... We're not kidding.