Man Is Accused of Sexual Assault, His Defense Is His Micropeen

Oct 11, 2016 at 8:14 pm |

This mans says he's too fat and not well endowed

Is this real life?

Jacques Rouschop, 44, has been accused of being a “choker-rapist” by two women in the sex trade industry. They have testified that Rouschop attacked and choked them in the back of his truck until they passed out.

Sounds horrifying right? Well, it is unclear of what exactly happened. Rouschop plead not guilty and he had a pretty convincing defense. This man would rather use his obesity, hernia, and micropenis as a defense than go down for the crime.

fat man accused of rape has micropenis


A man is accused of sexual assault and his defense is that it is physically impossible for him since he is obese, has a micropenis, and a painful hernia that prevents him from being able to have sex

Talk about a harsh defense