Did the Haters Force Meek Mill off Instagram?

Oct 18, 2016 at 6:26 pm |

Meek Mill's Instagram mysteriously disappears

It looks like Meek Mill might be done with social media. At some point on Monday night, he decided to delete his Instagram account. When you search his name, all you see is a message that reads, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” His sudden disappearance has everyone talking. Did he leave because of the constant haters? Is he just trying to refresh before his new album drops? We all want to know what pushed Meek to say goodbye to Instagram and if he has plans to return.

meek mill chains

Source: Instagram @meekmills_mmg

Did Meek Mill delete his account because he was sick of the haters? Find out what he thinks of social media.

Is Meek Mill Over Instagram?