Like Tatted Ta-Tas? Meet Bonnie Rotten

Oct 13, 2016 at 12:09 pm |

She may call herself rotten, but she's oh-so fresh

Bonnie Rotten may have a grotesque stage name, but she’s incredibly sweet. She’s a seasoned performer that started out as a car model, but was intrigued by the dark side, delved into horror, fetishes, and adult films and made her way to the top. She’s begun directing her own films because she’s knows exactly what people like. There’s almost nothing this lady won’t do.

bonnie rotten

Source: Instagram @officialbonnierotten

Bonnie is not just an adult film star; she’s a director, stripper, and kink model. Get to know her a little bit better here.

You can read Miss Bonnie Rotten's body like a book