Men Who Buy Women’s Used Panties Explain What They Do With Them

Aug 1, 2017 at 5:31 pm |

There's more than one reason that they love used panties

As we delve ever deeper into what really turns people on, we came across the fascinating world of panty-purchasing. I’m not talking about when ladies go to the store for themselves; I’m not even talking about buying something extra special for a romantic evening with your significant other. I’m talking about the men and woman who like to purchase pre-worn, unwashed undies from people they don’t know over the internet. The sights, the feels, and the smells of this fetish are intense!

close up of tara reigns butt in pink panties

Source: Instagram @tashareigndotcom

These men just can’t get enough of the bodily fluids of ladies.

These men just can't get enough of the bodily fluids of ladies