Michelle’s Birthday Video for Jordyn Has ‘Counting On’ Fans Upset

Dec 22, 2016 at 1:29 pm |

That little girl is on the verge of tears

The Duggars are controversial for many reasons, and they’re beloved for many reasons. But here’s another reason to find them not that great. Yes, they’ve got a lot of children, and in that huge number, some of them don’t receive as much attention as they need despite what we see of them on TV and social media. It was little Jordyn’s eighth birthday, but it looks to us like she doesn’t know who her parents even are. They certainly don’t know much about her.

jordyn and michelle duggar

Source: Youtube @Duggar Family

During Jordyn Duggar’s birthday dinner, her mom, Michelle, had a few words for her that almost made the little girl cry. And their fans are not happy about it.

Maybe they should focus on all of their many, many kids.