Miley Cyrus Shows Off What She Wants You To Kiss On Instagram

Oct 24, 2016 at 3:30 pm |

She's just being Miley...

Celebrities all over the world are putting their own unique spin on how they choose to encourage young US citizens to vote. We’ve seen countless PSA videos like Katy Perry’s #VoteNaked campaign, Madonna getting on the stage of Madison Square Gardens offering blow jobs in exchange for Hillary votes and Aziz Ansari practically yelling about the stupidity of people voting for a man “that hates black people.”

The latest celebrity to join the campaign trail is Miley Cyrus and unsurprisingly, she did it in the Mileyest of ways.

miley cyrus posing for camera tongue out

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Well that’s one way to put it…

We love her more for it!