Miley Slams “Tacky” Social Media War Between Bette, Chloe and Kim

Mar 10, 2016 at 12:04 pm |

Body shaming versus bragging

You must have heard about Kim Kardashian’s March 6 nude selfie on Instagram. While she is covering up her goodies, it’s no wonder she wanted to show off: The new mom has a rockin’ body. But this isn’t new news: We’ve seen Mrs. West naked plenty of times before. The Instagram photo has gotten a million and a half likes, as well as other female celebrities posting their opinions about it and it’s not positive.

The latest comment is from Miley Cyrus, who we know is outspoken, body positive, sex positive and also comfortable in her own skin. Did she just shut everyone down with her Instagram rant or did she make things worse? Read about the on going social media feud because some of Hollywood’s ladies.

miley cyrus posing for camera tongue out

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


Where do you stand on nude selfies?

Where do you stand on nude selfies?