Oh, Jesus! Miss Bumbum Pageant Sparks Outrage in Recreation of ‘Last Supper’

Oct 25, 2016 at 12:21 pm |

These girls are bringing down hell upon themselves

We love Miss Bumbum. The annual best booty in Brazil competition has introduced us to some ladies who have everything going on back there, and we love gawking at them. But the pageant organizers may have crossed the line of no return when they asked their finalists to pose in a highly controversial picture to promote the competition. Now, they’re taking flak from faithful people all over the world which includes some of the contestants featured in the photo.


Credit: bondburn/Shutterstock

Religious leaders in Brazil and faithful people around the world are furious that The Last Supper has been infused with big-butted ladies.

Miss Bumbum crossed that blasphemous line, and Catholics are outraged