Mom Finally Gets Pregnant… Then Doctors Tell Her THIS Shocking News!

Oct 26, 2014 at 5:53 pm |

This Couple Turned Their Medical Disaster Into a Miracle

Carolyn and Sean Savage were ecstatic at the idea of having a fourth child, however after her first two babies Carolyn began to having problems with her ability to conceive, so the couple started employing medical methods to help with the conception of their third child. After a decade of attempts through IVF their third baby (well worth the struggle!) was born, so when they eventually decided they wanted to have a fourth, they decided they were going to use an embryo from their prior experience with IVF treatments.

Nothing could’ve prepared them for the news the doctors gave them…

Source: Instagram/carolynsavage

Source: Instagram/carolynsavage


This couple’s nightmare turned into a miracle.

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